LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.


Using light you can shape space and create unique effects. Recessed luminaires offered by LUG Light Factory have such potential. Spot lamps are most often placed in a group, illuminating the entire room evenly or selecting the most important elements to highlight. Moreover, in many cases it is possible to adjust the hue, color and light intensity, which gives even greater arrangement possibilities.

The manufacturer's offer includes models of various shapes and functions. However, all products have in common modern design, ergonomic construction and ease of installation. You can choose from round, rectangular and square luminaires that are mounted on the ceiling. This way you can get perfect lighting for work and study. For some rooms, it is worth considering selecting lamps with glare minimizing optics.

Company name: LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o.
Company address: Gorzowska 11
Zip Code: 65-127
City : Zielona Góra
Phone : 68 45 33 200

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