Engineers from Cooling Services 24 work every day to improve their clients' living comfort. They specialize in air conditioner installations and repairs in Surrey, Berkshire and a few other counties in England. They have a flawless reputation due to many finished projects for residential, commercial and industrial needs. The company is available 24/7 and it's able to tackle ventures of any scale.

CS24 works with equipment from major producers such as Panasonic or Mitsubishi Electric. Its experts have the skills and knowledge necessary to swiftly repair all AC units. They examine the device, find the malfunction and ensure that it won't trouble the client anymore. The company also offers maintenance services. They improve the condition of the equipment and reduce the likeliness of future breakdowns.

Company name: CoolingServices24
Company address: 2 Greens Cottages, Surrey, London 2
Zip Code: RG-12
City : Bracknell
Phone : +447957587915

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