Apartments for rent in Warsaw

We offer apartments for rent in Warsaw - all in the city's never-sleeping downtown, all uniquely and tastefully designed and fully furnished, all at wallet-friendly, affordable prices - all that to assure you make the most our of your time and money spent in the vibrant Polish capital. There are many reasons to come to Warsaw:

Why us?

We would like you to spend your time with us. Therefore, our apartments are located close to all these attractions and are easily accessed with both individual and public transport - the latter enjoying the reputation of one of Europe's best. This assures you will get wherever you want in almost no time. You can expect from us:

Still not sure? Maybe a visit to our website might help in making your mind? Look through our website to find photos of our apartments, along with current pricelist and availability checker.

Mish Mash Hostel
Nowogrodzka 42
00-695  Warszawa
tel. 512 951 446