Add watermark to photo

If you wonder how to add a watermark to a photo, Visual Watermark knows the answer. If you work on Mac (MacBooks, iMacs with Mac OS X Lion 10.7) or Windows (7, 8 or 10) you can simply download it for free from to try it during 30 days trial period. It is an uncomplicated, efficient and intuitive software with which you’ll effortlessly add a desired watermark even if you haven’t done it before. Why you should give it a try? Because if you share your works online, you need to care about your copyright and protect your photographs or graphics from being stolen. This can be done by using non-professional applications but it will give your materials a bit sloppy look or you can have it done by a professional graphic designer which, conversely, will cost nearly a fortune. You can do it by yourself, and you don’t have to spent loads of money on it. It all boils down to couple of steps: first you upload a chosen photo or a whole folder to the application, then you select your watermark – your custom made or one of Visual Watermark’s ready templates – and add a watermark to a photo and adjust it to the it the way you want it. The software allows you to change the position, rotation and size of the watermark; you can also alter its transparency and add a background. Note that a watermark can be a text or a logo/icon, or both. You can also save templates for later (you can store up to 10 of them). If you don’t have your own brand logo, you can always use one of multiple fonts and icons available from Visual Watermark. Note that the app adds a watermark by default, and if it doesn’t suit you, just correct it. You can also customize your photo afterwards – if you need to change the scale of a picture, add metadata copyright or alter the quality of it, you can still use only Visual Watermark, without having to download any additional features. If in doubt, the software provides you with an instruction on how to add a watermark to a photo. Enjoy!

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